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Many of nowadays projects tend to fail due to different view and vaguely defined request between IT and management. We enjoy connecting these two views, particularly in the areas below.

Information Systems

We focus on the general overview of the commonly used tools in corporate informatics. We deal with choosing the right tool, implementing and maintenance, support of the creation of information strategy and its connection to business needs.

For our education purposes we use mainly Microsoft, IBM and open source tools. Students are able to use adequately equipped lab to work on the exercises which tend to be real world problems.

Business Process Management

Process point of view and the further development of the tools for managing control process allows us to think about significant improvements in efficiency and punctuality of the organization’s management. BPM brings technical and business point of view together. We believe that is crucial for the sustainable development of IT and thus consider this technique as a mandatory part of applied management.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is a technique which is significantly dependent on soft skills. Therefore, it is very important to understand the usage of the tools for managing the knowledge or information and their linkage to identifying the really important knowledge and benefiting from it. We focus on differencing the terms information and knowledge and grasping the clues which knowledge can be transmitted or used in general, and which are not that easy or nearly impossible to use that way.

Apart from the educational purposes we deal with knowledge management because of our efforts in enriching the CTU’s knowledge potential or, on the other hand, using the CTU’s knowledge in practice.

Our Services


Analyzing your organization we are able to suggest you how to improve its efficiency and performance. We offer an independent view, consult the steps to follow, propose methodics and hold seminars or trainings.

Complex Solution

We cover the whole project lifecycle - from planning through analysis, implementation to testing and evaluation.

Academic Partner

We provide targeted research or development and will be coworking on grant projects. We run project office and are able to furnish technical environment for the development or testing as well as students willing to write student theses about topics of your choice.

Process Management

Do you want to increase your organization’s performance? We would like to help you analayze the current state, streamline the processes and setting up the electronic workflow.


Snapshotting and understanding the current processes’ state (AS-IS) is the first and essential assumption on the way to streamline the processes.


We suggest such a process changes that positively impact their performance and erase found deficiencies.


Based on the experience we believe the most of optimization process affect information systems. Therefore, we implement the process in process-oriented IS and integrate it with the other systems in your IS environment.

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