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What is CZM?

Center for Knowledge Management (CZM) is an independent unit within dean’s office at Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague. CZM is specialized on applied management and its mission is to educate, do the research and cooperate with external subjects and, thus, contribute to FEE CTU’s reputation.

Because here in CZM we put an emphasis on efficiency, all our activities are project driven. CZM employees supervise the projects which are run by university students - mainly masters and doctorate students whose interest is in consultancy, analytics and methodology. In 2012 a new part of CZM was established and its duty is to execute the electronic workflow of chosen processes in the way they were analysed and consulted by the analytics. The processes are deployed to faculty or university environment.

CZM team

Ing. Jan Kočí

E-mail: koci@fel.cvut.cz

Ing. Pavel Náplava

E-mail: naplava@fel.cvut.cz

Josef Končický

E-mail: koncijos@fel.cvut.cz

Ing. Radek Hronza

E-mail: hronzrad@fel.cvut.cz

Ing. Pavel Šedek

E-mail: sedekpav@fel.cvut.cz

Bc. Miroslav Dzurenko

E-mail: miroslav_dzurenko@cz.ibm.com

Bc. Jan Čech

E-mail: cechjan4@fit.cvut.cz

Bc. Jakub Křivohlavý

E-mail: krivojak@fit.cvut.cz

Bc. Lukáš Zoubek

E-mail: zoubeluk@fel.cvut.cz

Bc. Vít Bokisch

E-mail: bokisvit@fel.cvut.cz

Bc. Petr Tarant

E-mail: taranpe1@fel.cvut.cz

Bc. Marek Hakala

E-mail: hakalmar@fit.cvut.cz

Bc. Jakub Fencl

E-mail: fencljak@fit.cvut.cz

Bc. Jan Sedláček

E-mail: sedlaj19@fit.cvut.cz

Bc. Lukáš Cimpl

E-mail: cimplluk@fit.cvut.cz